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Purchasing a brand new mattress or intelliBED sleep system is thrilling. Once you’ve discovered the intelliBED you can’t sleep without, it may be tough to concentrate on anything but a great night’s sleep. While intelliBED has budget friendly options, financing is a great way to have the best of both worlds. You don’t need to drain your money to get a proper night’s sleep.

Sticking to a budget is no reason for sleeping on a bad bed. At intelliBED, we can make it better for you with fixed installments with Affirm. You can apply for financing at checkout or phone us now to apply for credit. With our affordable financing options, anyone can sleep in an intelliBED.

We have an easy digital form to simplify financing your new bed simple. Depending on what works for you, we can start monthly installments for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Any credit provided by Affirm requires approval and minimum monthly installments are required.

Perks of Financing an intelliBED

There are many advantages to purchasing a plush intelliBED system. Without draining your personal funds, you can learn about all the perks of proper support and comfort while sleeping. By chunking out the price for an intelliBED mattress into smaller installments, you can enjoy real night’s sleep without losing sleep over money. With Affirm’s series of payment options, you can tailor a payment schedule that is best for you while still paying your housing, food and all your other monthly expenses.

Call us now to stop tossing and turning all night and get the Z’s you and your body so has missed out on for years.

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