Which Mattress is Ideal For Me?

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We know there can be a lot of choices in Holladay when it comes to searching for mattresses, it seems like more than ever before. When you are searching through all the companies there are it is sometimes hard to decide what the ideal mattress is for your money. Rather than buying a mattress that’s a budget model and checks off a couple of the items on your checklist, it is important to shop for a mattress that takes care of all your needs and will last for years. When it comes to buying the perfect mattress, intelliBED offers non-toxic, warrantied mattresses that can assist each and every type sleeper and work in all budgets.

Why Are Non-Off-Gassing Mattresses Critical

You can discover dangerous chemicals in many different mattresses which are released from the mattress in a process that’s called off-gassing. Mattress manufacturers are obligated create mattresses that are flame retardant which often requires using elements which can be toxic. Every intelliBED mattress is flame retardant and non-off-gassing due to it being made from our patented Gel Matrix. From the instant your new intelliBED mattress comes in the door you can be confident of its safety for your family.

Why Should You Purchase a Therapeutic Mattress?

Therapeutic mattresses provide sleep that heals and restores and were first used in hospitals to give this to their patients. Therapeutic mattresses relieve compression better than any other mattress out there, and intelliBED mattresses mix compression alleviation with incredible support in a way that no other mattress can. With an intelliBED, you don’t have to make a choice between comfort and support like you do with traditional mattresses. If you’re looking to to spend less time tossing and turning during your sleep, consider purchasing a therapeutic mattress.

Combat Hip Pain and Sleep Disorders with intelliBED

40 million people in the US are affected by sleep disorders. Choosing the right mattress can assist you in fighting your sleep disorder. If you sleep on a mattress which isn’t supportive enough, your pain or sleep disorders can get worse. The patented Gel Matrix layer permits decompression of the spine and relieves hip and shoulder pain by evenly dispersing your body’s weight across the mattress. intelliBED mattresses function better than 80% of other mattresses for sale when it comes to pressure and pain relief.

Durable and Warrantied

intelliBED mattresses are built to bear the test of time. Why buy a budget model mattress that just takes care of some of your problems with sleep and won’t last very long if you have the option to make the investment in a tried and true intelliBED sleep system? A variety of mattress options and financing are accessible to make an intelliBED a reasonable option for consumers with all kinds of mattress budgets. And our 30-year warranty can’t be beat. An intelliBED mattress can provide you with comfort and alignment as well as saving you money and time across the duration of its lifetime. If you want the best mattress for your money, do not look any farther than intelliBED.

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