Firm and Soft Mattresses in Holladay, UT

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We know there can be a lot of selections in Holladay, UT when it comes to shopping for mattresses, it seems more than ever before. When you are picking through all the mattress companies, it can be tricky to figure out what the ideal mattress is for your money. It might be tempting to get a budget mattress, but your dollar will go further if you choose one that addresses each of your needs and won’t have to be exchanged quickly. intelliBED provides warrantied, non-toxic mattresses across every price range that can help combat a large scope of sleep issues.

intelliBED Beds are Non-Toxic

You can find harmful chemicals in many different mattresses which are emitted during a process called off-gassing. The chemicals in other mattresses comply with federal standards to make them resistant to fire but have been known to be hazardous. Each firm and soft intelliBED mattress is created out of a layer of Gel Matrix, which is non-off-gassing and non-toxic but still flame retardant. From the first minute your intelliBED mattress comes in the door home you can be confident that it will be safe for your family.

Benefits of a Therapeutic Mattress?

Since therapeutic mattresses were initially created for use in hospitals, they work well for anyone who needs healing, restorative sleep. Therapeutic mattresses alleviate pressure more efficiently than any other mattress out there, and intelliBED mattresses combine pressure relief with exceptional support in a way that no other mattress out there can. Traditional mattresses force customers to choose between support and comfort, but intelliBED mattresses permit people to get them both, saving you money and creating additional comfort. Therapeutic mattresses prevent tossing and turning and help people get a more restful night’s sleep.

Combats Sleep Disorders and Pain

Sleep disorders affect the sleep of more than 40 million people in the US. Selecting the correct mattress can help you combat your sleep disorder. Issues can be made exponentially worse when you lay on a bed that doesn’t support your spine or allow you to sleep totally through the night. The patented layer of Gel Matrix allows for decompression of the spine and relieves shoulder and hip pain by uniformly spreading your body weight across the mattress. If we’re talking about pressure and pain relief, intelliBED mattresses work more successfully than 80% of competitor mattresses for sale.

intelliBED Mattresses are Durable

Mattresses made by intelliBED are made to endure. Why buy a budget model mattress which only helps some of your problems and won’t last if you’re able to choose a time-tested intelliBED sleep system? A wide range of mattress options and financing are accessible to make an intelliBED a practical choice for consumers with all types of budgets. And intelliBED’s 30-year warranty cannot be beat. An intelliBED can provide alignment and comfort in addition to saving you money and time through the length of its life. If you’re looking for a mattress that is both firm and soft, think about purchasing an intelliBED.

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