Luxury Mattresses for Sale in Holladay, UT

Why continue sleeping on a mattress that leaves you restless and in pain when there’s a better alternative? intelliBED has luxury mattresses for sale at our store front in Holladay, UT. Our mattresses offer the precise combination of support and comfort that other mattresses can’t compete with. In fact, intelliBED mattresses come with a 30-year warranty and are made with patented material that no other mattress can offer. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of intelliBED luxury mattresses.

How Does Gel Matrix Work?

Every intelliBED mattress and topper contain our patented Gel Matrix®. This medical grade gel cushions and relieves pressure better than any other mattress on the market. In fact, it’s recommended by hundreds of different chiropractors. Our Gel Matrix® was originally invented for use in hospitals. It met the needs of patients who had traumatic injuries that could benefit from deep, restorative sleep, and of course, it makes sense to incorporate that healing power into luxury mattresses. Sleeping on an intelliBED holds your spine naturally without compressing it, which lets you sleep comfortably through the night. The spinal alignment your chiropractor recommends comes easily with intelliBED because of the unparalleled support it provides. Along with the support your body needs, a luxury mattress from intelliBED also provides comfort not found anywhere else.

Therapeutic Mattresses

Everyone can benefit from a therapeutic mattress, but those who can especially profit are people who need extra healing and care. A therapeutic mattress relieves pressure points, regulates temperature, prevents bed sores and provides better circulation than a conventional mattress. A traditional mattress creates pressure points where your body is the heaviest. These uncomfortable feelings can cause tossing and turning in order to relieve pain. When sleeping on a conventional spring mattress, people toss and turn an average of 40 times. A luxury mattress from intelliBED offers the support, comfort and alignment necessary for a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

Holladay intelliBED Mattress Sale

Our convenient storefront in Holladay, UT has a wide selection of our bases, toppers, accessories and mattresses for sale. Test out our mattresses for yourself and pick between each of our luxury mattresses for sale to determine which is the best one for you. All of our mattresses are made right here in Salt Lake City and shipped across the country. IntelliBED has helped people find restful sleep since 2000, and we make it a point to work with a reputable network of healthcare specialists. Rest easy knowing that our products are made with optimum sleep and health in mind. For the best in luxury mattresses for sale, come to intelliBED in Holladay soon.